Magneto® Qi Wireless Car Charger | Universal air vent mount


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Magneto® Qi Wireless Car Charger | Universal air vent mount


Optimized wireless power on the road! NO HASSLE – ATTACH AND CHARGE – Always correct wireless charging position.
THE PERFECT MATCH for MAGNETO® authentic phone cases.

Say goodbye to hassle or annoying extra installation of metal plates to use our Magneto Car charger and holder! With a authentic Magneto® mobile case on your phone this means that you can simply attach the phone to the Magneto car charger and it will automatically hold your phone stably in place and at the same time charge you Qi compatible device. You do not need to adjust the phone’s position for it to start charging – this is taken care of by the Magneto concept and eco system! The powerful, carefully positioned magnets ensure that the phone is held securely in place – even on bumpy roads.


The car holder is 360 degrees rotatable, so you can rotate and direct the phone to your needs.


10W Fast Charging! Optimized wireless power on the road! Charges 1.5 times faster than standard chargers.


*For non Magneto® authentic case users 4 universal metal plates are included.
Universal: Charges through most plastic phone cases up to 5mm thick using the universal metal plates included)*
*Qi charging is only compatible with phone devices that supports Qi charging



Fast charger,5W/7.5W/10W
Qi Standard Wireless Charging


5.0V-2A (Normal Charging)
9V-1.67A (Fast Charging
Output: 10W (Max)
Conversion Rate: 75%



1x Magneto Car Charger
1x Micro USB Cable
4x Universal metal plates
1x Manual (EN,FR,ES,SE,DE)