Marvêlle Accessories double nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2018

Style, function and innovation. Marvêlle – carry your phone smarter – is constantly at the forefront and challenges the industry. Now the brand has been nominated for the Swedish Design Award in the categories Product Design and Packaging Design.


The brand Marvêlle is the result of an innovative team’s effort to merge multiple components into one and the same product. The brand was launched by the accessory company The Craaft Legacy in January 2018 – whose creators were the first in the world to develop a magnetic mobile case. Also, the brand is the first to offer a magnetic case compatible with wireless charging. The mobile cases stylish design can be combined with matching wallets and accessories – all in self developed, vegan friendly material.


Now Marvêlle has been nominated for final vote in the Swedish Design Award (Svenska Designpriset) 2018, one of Sweden’s most important and prestigious design awards. Marvêlle is nominated in the following categories:


  • Identity – Product Design
  • Identity – Packaging Design

The winners will be appointed at Berns in Stockholm on October 25th. On September 3, the vote for the people’s chiuce starts, which takes place on the Swedish Design Prize’s website The result will be presented together with the jury’s votes to obtain the winner of the year.

– It’s like getting your love answered. We and our loved ones believe in our product and its special value. But to get the buyers’ approval and now the impartial nominations like these… It’s really a confirmation that we are doing a good job and that we are on the right track in our ever-developing concept

says Gabriel Lantz Stavroulakis, Product Developer and Designer at The Craaft Legacy.


Many solutions in the same packaging

What started with brainstorming in the apartment has now become an established brand that cares about the craft – that’s also in the choice of packaging:


– As the nostalgic people we are, we came to think of the lenticular 3D image from our childhood (you know that plastic image where moving motifs appeared if you angled it). With that we could communicate two products in the same packaging, mobile case and wallet, in a playful way. We were careful to refine the technology so that the effect gave a stylish impression. At the same time, we wanted to allow the consumer to see, feel and try the product without breaking the package – and solved this by customizing a drawer

Says Cesar Ibarra Claveria, Marketing Manager at The Craaft Legacy.


– Now we are extra excited to work even harder to get the opportunity to be nominated for more prestigious prizes for our design and future concepts!

Says Gabriel Lantz Stavroulakis.


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About the Swedish Design Award:

The Swedish Design Award is a design contest that is open to those who works with graphic design, design and similar creative areas


About Marvêlle

Marvêlle offers high tech and vegan friendly mobile accessories. The products are unisex and consist of magnetic mobile cases, wallets and accessories. The basic styles are created with timeless design choices and the season collections shows trends and variations.



Press contact: Cesar Ibarra Claveria. Mail:  Tel: +46 70 98 000 49